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Oct 21, 2011
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Layering in Harmattan

So, I have given myself a little fashion project and decided that instead of this tumblr only containing other people’s creations, I might try my hand at directing the creation of some stuff myself and chronicling the process here.

At the moment, most of the layering done by men on the streets of Nigeria involve wearing a cardigan over a basic t-shirt or wearing a blazer over similar. I am thinking about ways to be able to layer in more interesting ways while still riffing off of and referencing some of our local outfits AND not transforming into me a contrived, sweating mess at the end of the day.

What came to mind was doing something based on the humble wrapper and some of our traditional fabrics:

The images above depict the traditional Tiv outfit and fabric being worn in different ways. I have always liked the look of the fabric, but must confess I have never handled it in person so I do not know what its hand is like or how warm it is, but I love the way it falls and looks in motion. I am thinking about getting some of this fabric and also some adire

The next step is to look at deconstructing the wrapper just a tad in order to be able to wear it in a less ‘traditional’ way. I am planning to look at making an asymmetrical apron or similar item which can be tied at the back or off to the side of the body allowing it to hang off a S/S or L/S t-shirt. It’s nothing original in and of itself, but I like the idea of being able to strip down what is traditionally a voluminous item of clothing into this spartan affair held in place by a loose knot and possibly some buttons.

This video also got me thinking a lot of aprons on guys (the Comme des Garcons Homme Plus outfit) - 


So, I want to do one with the Tiv fabric and another with adire. I don’t know how possible it is to get the indigo a very deep blue/black, but will consult with the dyers. Might also try a pair of overalls like the Yohji ones from SS07.

And so, my harmattan project enters stage 1.

Fabric hunting.

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